We are going to come on a group course. What will the other people be like?


It is a bit of a gamble to go on holiday in a confined space with unknown people. All we can say is that the vast majority get on very well indeed. in fact we can only think of one occasion in four years where there has been any sort of friction.

We have a wide range of clients so itís impossible to predict exactly what your fellow students would be like. The majority are in the age range 35 to 55, although we do have some older and younger than that. Most have professional or executive level jobs, or run their own business.

Our students come from many countries. The majority are British, although some live overseas. This chart shows you the countries that last yearís students came from.

If you have an easy-going attitude and like meeting people we are sure that you will get on well with your fellow students. Learning a new skill immediately gives you a common topic of interest and our Instructors are experts at moulding strangers into a coherent team.